Pinnacle Black Label Synergy

Pinnacle Black Label Synergy


For one seeking a product which can be used eliminate some of the detailing steps while still providing outstanding protection as well as gloss.  Pinnacle Black Label Synergy is a paste wax which combines traditional carnauba with glass ceramic particles similar from the Black Label series of paint coatings.  This creates an all-in-one product that can be used to replace three steps (coating, sealant, wax) into one.  Using Black Label Synergy alone can provide protection for 6 months or longer after only a single step.

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The Dallas Auto Salon Exterior Detail Process

Note: This all-encompassing detail process is meant to provide an overview of the detailing approach used by Dallas Auto Salon.  This is not THE way to detail a vehicle, it is simply ONE way to do so.  Each vehicle has different needs and the steps to appropriately address the needs of a vehicle depend on many factors which are reviewed prior to starting any work. The detail process is outlined below with the selected product highlighted to indicate it's stage of the process.

- Clean Wheels
- Clean Tires & Wheel Wells
- Treat heavily soiled areas with APC
- Wash exterior
- Dry exterior surfaces
- De-iron exterior surfaces
- Clay bar exterior surfaces
- Paint correction as needed
- Apply coating to exterior surfaces
- Apply sealant to exterior surfaces
- Apply carnauba wax to exterior surfaces

- Remove with spray wax    
- Dress tires/wheel wells/exterior plastics
- Clean windows inside & out

Use Instructions

Use after completing paint correction or decontamination as needed (correction recommended for best bonding).  Ensure paint is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.  Apply wax applicator pad, and apply an even coating onto surface of vehicle.  Use a clean microfiber towel to remove.  Apply several layers if desired for additional protection and gloss.