McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner

McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner


For use as a cleaning agent when completing deep a deep clean on an interior.  McKee’s 37 Total Interior Clean is formulated to remove moderate to heavy soiling  to interior surfaces including body oils, heavy dust/dirt, and faded protectants/coatings.  

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The Dallas Auto Salon Interior Detail Process

Note: This all-encompassing detail process is meant to provide an overview of the detailing approach used by Dallas Auto Salon.  This is not THE way to detail a vehicle, it is simply ONE way to do so.  Each vehicle has different needs and the steps to appropriately address the needs of a vehicle depend on many factors which are reviewed prior to starting any work. The detail process is outlined below with the selected product highlighted to indicate it's stage of the process.

- Vacuum interior
- Clean interior surfaces (dashboard, trim, seats, etc.)
- Steam clean and/or hot water extraction as needed
- Clean carpets
- Apply leather conditioner
- Clean windows


Use Instructions

Shake prior to use.  Apply 3-4 sprays of Total Interior Cleaner directly onto surface to be cleaned, or onto clean microfiber towel depending on necessary level of cleaning.  Work product into surface and wipe with dry microfiber towel.  For best results, use an interior stiff bristle brush to agitate prior to wiping.